Overcoming Resistance

I recently wrote an article about attracting prosperity and outlined some key principals needed to achieve wealth.  I had mentioned in that article the simplicity of this process, but its difficulty due to the negative stories we create and imbed into our subconscious mind.  These stories grow into our reality and form our perception of truth.In this article, I will focus on overcoming the resistance one may face in the quest for achieving their goals, and how to push past this resistance.

Step 1: Set Clear and Focused Goals/Desires

This is important because if one does not have a clear and defined goal, it will be hard to work towards the attainment of it. If wealth is what you want, you will need to be very specific on the amount of money you wish to have and the date you wish to have it.  This is a key statement in Napoleon Hill’s acclaimed book, “Think and Grow Rich”.  Having a “definiteness of purpose is the starting point from which one must begin.” It keeps you on track and gives you something in which to aim.  It also helps you avoid pursing things that do not align with your goals.  Having clear and focused goals also activates your imagination and helps you visualize already being in possession of your desires, which is a powerful tool in manifestation. I do caution however, that your goals should be realistic for you.  If not, your ego will take hold and tell you it is not achievable.  For example, if you are $50,000 in debt, it is unrealistic to say that you want to have a million dollars in six months.  Ensure your goal is something that your whole consciousness can believe.

Step 2: Knowing your “WHY”

Knowing your “why” is so important because it is the fuel that keeps you focused in the face of adversity.  When I say knowing your “why,” I mean the reason you want whatever it is you desire. The more personal and strong your “why”, the more power it will have to help overcome obstacles you will face.  It is also important that your why be aligned to a greater good.  If it is to be purely materialistic, it will not have the power to sustain your efforts in face of adversity.  For example, it is not enough to have the desire for wealth in order to drive a nice luxurious car or live in a big mansion.  Your reasons need to be more powerful than that!  My “whys” in pursuit of wealth is freedom to spend more time with my family, to inspire others to live up to their potential, and to have a positive impact on my world.  These are so powerful for me that when difficult situations arise, I can sit in quiet meditation and visualize a long weekend away with my family without regard for time or deadlines.  During difficult situations, I also visualize helping others overcome painful experiences to live a life of passion and self-love.   This fuel is a hundred times more powerful for me than the desire to drive a nice fancy car.  Lastly, when you focus on the “why,” the “how” will reveal itself to you.

Step 3: Master Your Thoughts

Thoughts are powerful things.  They have the power to create our reality by influencing our subconscious minds.   Our minds respond to whatever we feed it. We can have so many thoughts occurring in our heads that it may seem impossible to control. The good news is that it is controllable.  However, it is hard to control.  It is important that we check in with our thoughts during the course of the day.   To know what you are thinking, you have to analyze how you are feeling. If you are feeling good, then chances are you are thinking positive thoughts that are creating positive experiences. If you find you are feeling anxious or fearful, then chances are, you are thinking negative thoughts.  It is important to replace those negative fearful thoughts for more positive and empowering ones. The goal is to gain control of your conscious thoughts.  This will reprogram your subconscious mind and alter the way you think and act. This change is essential to transform your desires into reality. Mastering your thought is key to gaining control over your life.

Step 4: Know that “The Universe has your Back”

This is one of my favourite quotes from best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein from her book, “Add more ~ing to your life” (~ing = inner guidance). She teaches us that the Universe/God will always provide for us and knows what the best is for us. All we have to do is trust and know that whatever we have asked for will be provided to us.  I learned from Bernstein to wake up every morning and say, “Come on Universe, show me what you’ve got!” Your goals may or may not come exactly as you have planned, but know that something much greater is being delivered to you.  I personally have never been disappointed when I have asked for something and had complete trust in God.   I have been blessed to have witnessed so many miracles along the way.  I KNOW I am always looked after and protected by a source greater than me.

Step 5: Do not Mistake Delays for Denials

One of my spiritual teachers Mastin, from “The Daily Love,” wrote about this in one of his blogs. This was such a powerful message for me and had a huge impact on the way I saw set-backs. Delays are not denials! Read this again. Delays are not denials! I believe this is the number one reason many of us give up on our dreams. We see setbacks as something we cannot overcome and as proof we were not meant to full-fill our goals.  We easily say, “Well, I guess it was not meant to be.”  I say B.S.! This kind of thinking does not serve you. If you study the greatest achievers of our past and present, you will see that many of them persisted when all seemed doomed. They did not take “no” for an answer and say “Well, I guess it was not meant to be.”  Instead, they worked hard until their dreams were realized.  This is another reason why is it so important to get the previous steps right by setting clear and focused goals, knowing why you want your desires, mastering your thoughts and knowing “the Universe has your back”.  Many times the delays are just God’s/Universe’s (again whatever fits with your spiritual practice) way of preparing the path for you.

Step 6: Surrender

I know sometimes when people hear and read the word “surrender,” they think of giving up. This does not mean you sit idly by and just expect great things to fall on your laps without doing any work.  After you have decided on a clear focused goal, know why you want it, asked God for it and have faith that “the Universe has your back,” simply surrender and let go.  It is just like the famous saying, “Let go and let God.”   When you surrender to a power that is within, but greater than you, you will be able to hear your inner voice or what Gabrielle Bernstein coined ~ing (inner guidance).  It is then you will hear the directions given to you.  Most times, the things that occur are much more miraculous than we could have imagined.  My favourite exercise to help me surrender is to sit in silent meditation or prayer and allow myself to let go. Feel your body let go and say to God/Universe “Thy will be done!”

Resistance is something everyone comes across on the path to success.  The key is to anticipate this, know you can overcome it, and arm yourself with the tools to do so. The best way of overcoming resistance is to practice these principals until they become habit. Once they become habit, they will penetrate into the subconscious mind and become automatic.  This is when you will truly experience miracles!

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  1. I just created a new vision board to help me with setting my goals and reminding me of where to focus my attention. Instead of letting my mind go to something undesirable, it helps to keep me focused on what I really want in my life :)

    • That is awesome Jennifer! Vision boards are so important because it serves as a daily reminder of your goals and desires (if put in a place where you will see it daily). I keep mine beside my bedside table so I see it right before bed and first thing in the morning. They are such a powerful tool in manifestation. Keep up the good work! XOXO

  2. Good evening Uchechi,

    I always enjoy reading your articles and find useful information and lessons from them. My issue is I almost need someone who will kick my ass that first time to get me going. I can be a horrible procrastinator and sometimes see simple things like climbing moutains. Once I get on track then I will run and achieve most of the time, it’s just tough for me to get going… Even though I teach useful practices and utilize my life skills and knowledge to motivate others I myself lack it.
    I have miles of energy and can play sports til I collapse, but the important thing sometimes get missed or forgotten on purpose…..

    • Hey Craig,
      Thank you for your comment and feedback. I’m happy to know that you find my articles useful. Re: your issue on needing someone to kick your ass and being a procrasinator; one of the things I’ve come to learn is that when we procrasinate on something we know we should be doing, we either are 1) Not fully committed to it or 2) We chose a higher priority. When you feel that you are procrasinating you should ask yourself “I’m I fully committed” to whatever it is you wish to do. If the answer is yes, then that will help stir you to action and help you choose that which is important to you. You should also ask yourself. “Is this higher priority I am choosing to do more important?” Again, that will help stir you into action. Re: the inability to motivate yourself as you do others, I would love for you to consider how much more effective you would be to others when you show by example. I find when people are living an empowered life, their sheer presence lights up those around them. You really need to see why you look to motivate others and not yourself. You need to know you deserve it and can achieve it as it is your birthright! It’s amazing how much we can do and accomplish if we would just dare to dream and do. The fear of failure is so strong in some people that they would rather stay where they are, even if it is not the place they want to be. I would also ask you, “What would you do and attempt, if you were guareented that everything will work out”. Because honestly, everything really does, once you gain the awareness of the power within.

      I apologize for the long comment as I can go on and on. Please e-mail me if you want more details on any of the points. All the best!!!!!