Are you considering Incorporating?

TweetSo you’ve heard that you can save taxes when you incorporate? And you’ve heard that you can protect yourself from creditors? So let’s go ahead and incorporate you say…. Wait a minute! Don’t forget these additional considerations: If you’re a small unincorporated business owner or a professional whose regulatory body allows incorporation, you’ve probably given […]

7 Books that Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Tweet1. Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki) Regardless of Guy Kawasaki being a venture capitalist, he adapts a casual tone to the advice he gives in this book. It is very engaging and practical.  His message is simple: to discover what is required to build a startup.  He goes down from the basics and takes […]

False Starts, Real Lessons

TweetDespite your most conscientious work and your best intentions, your business idea might flop. Of course, most entrepreneurs would rather anticipate success—but planning for the possibility of the ‘F’ word can help you turn a perceived failure into a temporary setback. What percentage of new businesses is unsuccessful? According to the 2009 nationwide statistics from […]

If You Build It, Will they Buy It?

TweetNew business owners do a lot of work behind the scenes before they first open their doors to the public. If you are in charge of the operation, you must design the product or service so that it will appeal to your customers, set up the business and invest quite heavily, then reach out to […]

Two Types of Workers

TweetIn today’s workplace there are two types of workers: the employee and the professional. The employee is the individual who recognizes himself as someone hired to do a particular job for a particular salary. The professional sees herself as the person within the company who reliably performs to make a difference. The employee focuses on […]

10 Steps to Marketing on a Budget

TweetIf you talk to the head of any small- to medium-sized company, you’ll see that one of their key areas of concern is how to grow their business in these difficult economic times. Many believe that they need to allocate a large sum of their revenues to their marketing initiatives. While it is advantageous to […]