Brand Strategist and Marketing Wiz, Jesse Jones, Talks 3 Essential Moves to Finding & Living Your Passion

Tweet There are many people who go through life with a feeling of nothingness. The consistent energy that they feel from waking up, to clocking in at work to then heading home is a lack of excitement and purpose. Life becomes a continuous routine. Days turn into weeks, weeks into a year and before they […]

Please Don’t Be THAT Person: Robert De Niro Schools Jay-Z on The Basics of Business Etiquette

TweetA positive business reputation is a hard attribute to build and can just as easily be tarnished overnight if not handled with care. The way that people view you professionally is not a fixed impression as it can be instantly reevaluated. Warren Buffett said it best, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and […]

Are you considering Incorporating?

TweetSo you’ve heard that you can save taxes when you incorporate? And you’ve heard that you can protect yourself from creditors? So let’s go ahead and incorporate you say…. Wait a minute! Don’t forget these additional considerations: If you’re a small unincorporated business owner or a professional whose regulatory body allows incorporation, you’ve probably given […]

Would you ditch your real job for your dream job?

TweetMost of us daydream about living out our dream job, but how many actually have enough guts to go after it? Often times, we may fantasize about what it would be like to fulfill our deepest desires and pursue a career of choice. However, when reality sets in, many experience cold feet and cowardly back […]

Moving on…

TweetHave you decided that its time for a change? Are you that person that feels a sense of dread every morning as you approach your place of employment? Do you conjure up a million reasons to call in sick or arrive late? Or, have you come to the realization that the potential for growth has […]

The Effective Use of Public Relations

TweetThe recent PR fumble between Facebook, Google and top-five PR firm, Burson-Marstellar (BM), has caused quite a bit of uproar in tech and PR communities, but it has also caused a stir and raised concern with internet users over the matter of privacy. To recap, BM blew the whistle on Google via a whisper campaign […]

7 Books that Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Tweet1. Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki) Regardless of Guy Kawasaki being a venture capitalist, he adapts a casual tone to the advice he gives in this book. It is very engaging and practical.  His message is simple: to discover what is required to build a startup.  He goes down from the basics and takes […]

Financial Guides

TweetNeed help managing your money or paying off debt? Here are reviews on some books that might help.   A Happy Pocket Full of Money David Gikandi Xlibris Corporation, 2008 If you are ready to take a quantum leap into the attainment and enjoyment of great wealth, if you are willing to set your mind […]

The Art of Negotiation

TweetMost will agree that in these tough economic times—and even during more secure periods—we want to ensure that we get the most value for every dollar spent. For a business, that means generating maximum revenue while continuing to offer great value to clients or customers. As easy as it may be to forget this in […]

False Starts, Real Lessons

TweetDespite your most conscientious work and your best intentions, your business idea might flop. Of course, most entrepreneurs would rather anticipate success—but planning for the possibility of the ‘F’ word can help you turn a perceived failure into a temporary setback. What percentage of new businesses is unsuccessful? According to the 2009 nationwide statistics from […]