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Anything you can do I can do better: Women vs Men Comedy Show


Female comedians always seem to get a bad rap; not funny enough, not sexy enough and they’re often criticized for having a one dimensional routine; the kind that focuses either on their bodies or break ups. On June 1st and 2nd the ladies will take on a comedic battle of wits as the gloves come off and they tell it how it is in the first ever Women vs Men Comedy Show: The Comic Battle of the Sexes.

Keesha Brownie has felt the pressure of being a female in a male dominated industry. But, she says its pressure that’s helped her transform into a comedic diamond. “For one thing you stick out from the rest; your voice is different from the other 10 males on the show. But the reward is THAT much better especially when people come up to you and say, “Hey, I saw you walk on stage and thought great another break up story, but damn girl, you’re really talented, couldn’t stop laughing”.

As for her fierce tongued team mate Crystal Ferrier, she says a tough skin is what got her where she is. “An ex boyfriend told me I could never do it. He said nobody will laugh; they will just stare at your [chest].  Now I make people laugh all over the world and what can I say I have a fabulous [chest]”.

Crystal and Keesha have some stiff competition, facing off against veteran comic Jay Martin and popular standup comedian Patrick Haye. “Female comedians get a bad rap because there have just always been more male comedians, and to be honest they’ve just been better than women. But I have seen some brilliant female comics. In everyday life, men try so hard to do so much for women, so we’ll get a chance to make fun of all of that on stage,” says Haye.

His partner Jay Martin doesn’t plan on being that nice. “The Jerk Jay is going to come out that night, very hot, very spicy,” says Martin. He says the audience should expect new material drawing inspiration from his own relationships. Jay will not be holding anything back when his team takes on the ladies.

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