Black Ink Magazine is a publication featuring stories and educational content designed to empower and unite professionals, entrepreneurs, associations and community organizations across Canada with a focus on and particular responsibility to black Canadians. Black Ink Magazine features news and information for black professionals in a wide variety of occupations including entrepreneurship, business, finance, legal, health and wellness, entertainment, fashion, and executive coaching. Knowing the value and role that Diversity plays in the long-term success of business and social organizations, we are committed to making a unique contribution to the community.

Our mission is to be a publication that creates the effects of: (i) educating its readership on current issues and trends in the business and professional community; (ii) empowering its readership by sharing tools and resources that will facilitate the achievement of their business and professional goals; (iii) inspiring its readership to define and achieve their business and professional visions; and (iv) facilitating its readership’s commitment to the creation and delivery of value in their respective realms of activity. We also aim to recognize outstanding black Canadians and to generate support from the community, to grow and shape young entrepreneurial and professional minds.